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Hope Community Garden

1108 Cristler (one block off of East Grand Ave.)

A new community garden project, started in 2004 as a project of GICD and Foundry Methodist

In addition to gardeners maintaining their own plots, a large area at Hope Community Garden is used to grow food donated to local food pantries.  Here we see gardener, Carolyn Bush harvesting mustard greens.  From its first harvest in June 2004 through August 2005, Hope gardeners donated over 1,600 pounds of fresh vegetables to families in need.







This garden currently has 20 wooden sided raised beds, each 4 x 16 feet.  A bed of flowers and native plants grow along the front sidewalk.  Since this picture was taken a nice fence and piped water have been added. 

View from Cristler Street on May 28, 2004





Many members of this group are new to gardening.  GICD provides workshops and hands-on training.  Last year a major concern was weed control, what to plant, and general gardening skills.  Follow this link for notes from one or our workshops on weed control and mulching  Hope  Notes 1.  A group of church and garden volunteers implemented a pathway mulching plan in February of 2005 in which all pathways were cleared, and mulched with layers of wet newspaper and woodchips.    









Garden Plots-- To find out more send a request to: GICD  



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